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Linkword Languages: My thoughts on the Linkword method and my first week of learning Spanish with it

I recently became intrigued by a language learning method called Linkword and decided to give it a try. 

The main concept behind the Linkword Language method involves using memory techniques/visualisations to memorise words in foreign languages quickly and easily. Basically, you listen to a word…

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So I'm learning Spanish And Completed The Paul Noble Course

Anyone who follows this blog will know that I'm also learning Spanish. I managed to complete the Paul Noble Spanish course in just over a week, and I'm really happy about this. I now have a basic command of Spanish, which I can build upon with other courses. I'll give you an overview of what the Pau…

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Learning Scottish Gaelic - the first week!

I recently decided to start seriously learning Scottish Gaelic. Now, to anyone who doesn't know, this is a minority language of the Celtic family and is currently spoken by around 1% of the population of Scotland, and in some other Gaelic speaking communities around the world. So why am I learning i…

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So The Language Learning Journey Begins - Why I'm doing This, And What My Goals Are

Hello everyone and welcome to my language learning blog! I want to write the first post by telling you a bit about why I'm learning languages and what I aim to achieve with this whole experience.

To begin with, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm a British guy (born in England, currently livin…

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