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The language learning challenge

Welcome To Neil Kendall Languages

Hi, my name is Neil Kendall. I am a British guy who is  a fan of learning languages and I decided to set up this website to share my language learning journey with you.

I currently speak/am learning Spanish, Scottish Gaelic, Japanese, French, German and Esperanto.

Please check out the videos page to see me speaking each language I know, and my blog to follow my language learning progress and read my numerous thoughts on this subject.

Why languages? Why this site?

Over the years, I've done extensive travelling and one thing that really made an impression on me was when I'd meet people who spoke several languages. It has to said that the British are generally very lazy when it comes to language learning - the mistaken belief that 'everyone speaks English' is very prevalent in our culture - but most people I've met from continental Europe, Asia and so forth were fluent in 2,3 or more languages.

To me, there is something quite cool about a person who can speak multiple languages fluently and effortlessly switch between them as required.

With that in mind, I've decided to set myself a goal of becoming a polyglot.



I wish to thank the following language learning companies for helping me along my journey...

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